3:00 pm
Opening Torah Liturgy

3:15 pm
Torah Teaching

The Torah teaching follows the weekly assigned Torah portion readings and is taught by various speakers from the fellowship.

Children’s and Youth classes are offered during this 3:15 pm teaching time.

4:10 pm
Praise & Worship

The music during our times of worship includes voices and various instruments to create an atmosphere of worship from a Hebraic perspective. Some of the music played is original pieces, composed by congregants.

Hebraic dance is performed through beginner steps and choreographed dances that are enjoyed during the times of worship. All who would like to worship The Lord through dance are encouraged to join in.
4:45 pm
Beyond Torah

5:15 pm
Havdalah Service

“Havdalah,” Hebrew for “separation,” is a ceremony that marks the end of Shabbat and ushers in the new week. Shabbat ends on Saturday evening when the sun sets. After Havdalah is completed, it is customary to bless one another with the words, “Shavua tov!” which means “Have a good week!” in Hebrew

3rd Shabbat of each month we have ONEG following Havdalah